I lost my 8 years relationship to my sister -Lady narrates.

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It seemed life was meaningless and coming to an end for the hair stylist and event planner, Ifeoma after what she thought to be impossible happened to her.

Ifeoma, a graduate of University of Ilorin, Kwara State and a hardworking lady who moved into Fashion and Event Planning business after a long search of white collar job has narrated how she lost her 8 years relationship to her younger sister.

Kc Hills Planet for Youths thank you for saving my life.

It all started six years ago when I first introduced my sister to my then boyfriend. She came visiting while I was in school so I felt it was the best opportunity to introduce him to one of my family members since we had plans of settling down after school.

Little did I know that was the beginning of my doom.

My sister became so close to him but I never for once thought they were up to something. I loved her (my sister) and we also trusted each other. She is the only sibling I have.

Few years later, in my Youth Service days, my boyfriend was still in school for his course was 5years and mine 4, my mum called me very early in the morning reporting that my sis was pregnant and she (my mother) was going to throw her out of the house.

That was one of the worst news I heard that year. I pleaded with mum yet her mind was already made up.

My sister was part of me and the most important thing in my life then so I couldn’t let her suffer the rejection alone.

I invited her to stay with me in Yobe state since the guy responsible rejected her too according to her.

She had her baby in my place,we lived together in peace and I love her son as if he was mine.

Boyfriend was also supportive then. I thought dude was an angel and the best man any woman could pray for.

Little did I know he was only doing his job.

Dude finished school,served, got a new job but was no longer talking about settling down with me.

That was strange but I wasn’t in a haste either. I also felt he was still trying to stabilize himself and his new job.

I was very supportive,would always travel from Yobe with sis to spend sometime with him in Abuja. Both of us were doing very well in our business and job respectively and I was patiently waiting for the day he would let the cat out of the bag ” the will you marry me question ” but that never came instead the next news I recieved killed the whole cells in me.

A text came into my sister’s phone and she was not home. Went to nearby store to get some groceries so I playfully opened the text.

Behold, it was a bank alert of 300,000 naira from “our” boyfriend .

Seconds later,another text came in.

Now from him telling her to use the money to rent an apartment and leave that “low life’s ” house.

That was what he called me in the text message.

Tears rolled down my cheeks,my head spinned and I immediately felt my spirit leave my body.

I lost consciousness and 2 days later,I woke up on a hospital bed with my 2 friends sitting close to me.

All I wanted at that time was to get off this wicked world. My sister? My only sibling? Oh no.

Mum was the next person to call but we have not spoken in years since she drove my sister away and stopped caring about me for taking her in but I had no other option so I summoned the courage and made the call.

In her words ” ify, how are you? Okwa ifugo, am happy you are fine now but God will bless for helping your sister take care of the baby she had for your fiance”.

Mum said it without mincing words. my sisters baby belongs to my fiance. Unbelievable. Now I am done with this life.I am done with this wicked world. I wanted to end my life at that moment. I had no one to run to,not a sister nor mother. It dawned on me I was nursing my relationship just for my sister to steal it from me.

Things don’t usually work as we plan it. life is full of ups and downs.

Ifeoma was at the verge of losing her life after what she passed through but Kc Hills Planet for Youths was able to reach her with the help of one of her friends.

Our professional councillors took time to work with to make sure she didn’t hurt herself.

Now she is bouncing in good health and sees life as worth giving a second chance.

A you passing through hardship? Does it look like you’ve got no other choice in life? or do you know who is in similar condition? You can reach Kc Hills Planet for Youths for free help and counselling.

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